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1801 Window details


1802 Window details with lines


1803 Door details, vertical and horizontal


1804 Gate details with groove for joint


1805 Gate details with front panel in gate flange


1806 Top detail, FE, with round top


1807 Top details, FE, moulded stringer


1808 Top details, FE, lowered back plate


1809 Top details, FE straight


1810 Top details, gable end


1811 Base details, FE straight


1812 Top details, residential solution


1813 Base details, residential solution


1814 FE, ‘Svineryg’ (special joint)


1815 WE, ‘Svineryg’ (special joint)


1816.1 Window details at masonry


1816.2 Window details at masonry


1817 Opening support


1818 Railing fittings


1819 Railing fittings


1820 Electrical bonding


1821 Console details


1901 Walls cast with wire box


1902 Walls cast


1903 Walls cast with wire box corner


1904 Walls cast corner


1905 Smooth joint between facades


1906 Casting between facades


1907 Facade with corner with smooth jointing


1908 Facade with moulded corner


1909 Facade with 45 corner, smooth jointing


1910 Facade with 45-corner, moulded


1911 Facade type HFE1, straight, corner


1912 Facade type HFE1, straight, corner with rib


1913 Facade type HFE2, INCLINED, corner


1914 Facade type HFE2, INCLINED, corner with rib


1915 Moulded joint between facades, wall, T-cross in jointing


1916 Moulded between facades, wall, T-cross


1918 Through-going wall with box girder with recess


1919 Through-going wall with box girder with recess


1920 Wall, floor box girder with 1 abutment


1921 Wall, floor box girder with 2 abutments


1922 Apron ring, stairwell, horizontal joint with edge


1923 Apron ring, horizontal joint with recess


1924 Apron ring, stairwell, horizontal joint, loadbearing


1925 Standard console, floor box girder with bracket


1926 Standard console, floor box girder with connecting rod


1927 Residential solution, non load-bearing edge


1928 Residential solution, non load-bearing recess


1929 Residential solution, load-bearing


1930 Gable end, roof box girder, non load-bearing edge


1931 Gable end, roof box girder, non load-bearing recess


1932 Facade, roof box girder, load-bearing


1933 Facade, bottom above floor


1934 Facade, bottom below floor


1935 Joint between wall and TTS-RTP roof


1936 Joint, wall and TTS-RTP telescope


1937 Gable and TTS-RTP


1938 Facade and TTS-RTP, 'vaffeltag'


1939 Facade and TTS-RTP-UNP stringer


1940 Facade, 'vaffel'


1941 Foundation, anchor bolts


1942 Joint, column-beam, 1 arbor


1943 Joint, column-beam, 2 arbors


1944 Pressure-resistant wall, foundation


1945 Corner joint


1946 Lintel with arbor


1947 Lintel with abutment


1948 Joint with clamp


1949 Joint between elements


1950 Joint, gate with stirrups, horizontal


1951 Corrugated duct – bottom wall


1952 Post-tensioning wall


1953 Corrugated duct – top wall


Company brochure


Electrical installations embedded in concrete elements


Environmental product declaration


Installation of concrete elements


Maintenance of concrete elements


Performance declaration from 31 March 2016


Performance declaration prior to 31 March 2016


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